About us

We are an e-commerce business based in the U.K. Everything has been hand drawn and printed from our home office unless stated! A lot of time and effort has gone into creating each piece in the shop and we hope you find something that you love!! Each order is wrapped with a lot of love and to make your experience even more special! 

Founder and Artist 

Jenny Ly

“From a young age, I’ve had long term love and obsession for stickers and stationery, I remember my mother used to bribe my sister and me with stickers to get up early in the morning for school! I owned many sticker books which I collected my stickers in and even swapped with friends every time we got together! As I got older, my love expanded towards stationery and writing letters. I started to have pen pals and loved writing them letters with all my cute letter sets and stationery!
Over the years, I have always loved drawing cute things and never thought it was possible to make my own stationery line until my husband saw my potential and invested in me! My goals and aspirations are to create stickers and stationery that everyone will love and cherish for years to come!
Our mascot, Biscuit, was inspired by my youngest child as she reminded me of a baby sloths! The name Biscuit was chosen one day when I saw my daughter eating biscuits! Biscuit is gender neutral and it fit our character perfectly!"