BT21 Oopsie Pack

BT21 Oopsie Pack

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These oopsie packs contains our BT21 sticker sheet and 8 die cut stickers of all members! They will be sold as a combo pack at a discounted rate.

The sticker sheet has faults of being cut incorrectly and therefore cannot be peeled! You will need to cut them out yourself to be able to use them as stickers! Please be aware of this before you make your purchase as we do not accept returns!

The die cuts contains faults of;

  • Misaligned cuts
  • Printing errors
  • Some scratches to the surface

Sticker sheet is printed on matte sticker paper

Die cuts are printed on matte or glossy vinyl (each pack are picked at random!)

We hope these stickers can still find a loving home despite their imperfections!